CTV2's "Showcase Weddings" Interview with Feedback Event Service's Owner, Colin Raininger.

Colin Raininger’s career as a DJ started in 1983, when he took his first piano lessons. In 8 short years, he completed 11 years of formal music training, and received enough education to start teaching music, if he so chose. Being brought up in a music-loving family, by this stage of his life he was consumed with the wonders of sound technology. At the age of 17, he was controlling sound for an auditorium that hosted the Mississauga Symphony, along with many other music and presentation groups. And his life of playing music and running sound equipment was well under way. He then founded his company, Feedback Promotions, during his last year of high school, after he had trained many friends to work with him. This business saw him through his college education, and was a full-fledged business by this time.

Over the next decade along with running his company, Colin worked for a DJ Supply Record Store, a Professional Sound & Lighting Rental / Retailer, a Professional Sound & Lighting Installer, and a Professional Staging and AV company. He then moved on to be a Provincial Sales Rep for two Professional Sound & Lighting distributors, spent a year as an Independent Sales rep for local manufacturers in the industry, and even worked for a local Loudspeaker Manufacturer as a designer, builder, sales rep, and then head of marketing.

 Colin has become a Certified Wedding Planner, he has been elected as an Advisory Board Member of the Canadian Professional DJ Association, and was also now proud to be part of the International Special Event Society Board in Toronto. His next goal is to do all he can to achieve his Certified Special Event Planner accreditation. His constant commitment to educating and enlightening peers as well as clients will hopefully be an asset to you. He is proud to be working with friends that are as passionate and dedicated to providing unforgettable memories! Colin Raininger has created a blog, "Memoires of a DJ", providing tips and anecdotes to help clients with their event planning. He has written each post in his blog while AT events that he witnesses signs of poor planning - where he wished he was asked questions. His goal is to educate clients of better ways to coordinate themselves to not only make better use of their entertainer and AV services, but to provide a comfortable and fun atmosphere for their guests!



With a keen musical sense and the ability to read a crowd, Ben is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Involved in the DJ scene for nearly thirty years spanning thousands of events, Ben has made a name for himself as a club DJ but had also gained a solid reputation as a special events DJ as the result of performing at over 600 weddings and countless corporate events in the last 15 years.  Also, as a result of having worked in the hotel and hospitality industry for 12 years Ben has a very pleasant demeanor and prides himself on professionalism and client satisfaction. He is also a WPIC certified wedding planner and has a wealth of knowledge of how to best facilitate a smooth running event.  Knowing that everyone has a specific "vision" for their event, Ben is highly dedicated to working with clients to make their vision a reality, down to the smallest detail. He takes a great deal of pride in his work and it shows!  But most of all Ben knows how to keep dance floors full, and after all, a DJ is only as good as his dance floor!

In his own words… "I started DJing at the age of 13 doing house parties and school dances and naturally progressed to performing at clubs and bars.  In my twenties I attended a few weddings and noticed that one crucial element that was missing was the DJ's ability to mix and blend music the way a club DJ would.  Sure, there are many DJs who are excellent masters of ceremonies and are highly professional and experienced… but I felt many of them fell short on the music side of things and lacked the ability to keep the dance floor rocking.  I wanted to bring to the table a high level of professionalism AND the ability to rock the dance floor… a skill set I feel is lacking in the special events industry, which is why I made the move from club DJ to professional mobile DJ.  I am passionate about my craft and feel blessed that I have been able to turn that passion into a successful career as a professional DJ!"