I noticed that other DJ's Websites don't show photos of thier staff ...

I've noticed that too! At wedding shows, we have constantly been complimented on our attire, and that we "suit the image' that clients expect, or look for in their entertainer. I have been told stories of how shocked clients were when meeting with other DJs for the first time. I'll be the first to say that "looks don't translate into quality", but let's be real! I am proud of my team, and they show their pride by their appearance at events. Click here to see!

Why does a package without Sound & Lighting cost almost as much as one with?

Generally for events, DJs require the following: 1) CD Library and/or Laptop; 2) Microphone; 3) CD Player and Mixer and/or Laptop Contoller; 4) Wires; 5) Speakers; 6) Lighting when booked. As you can see, if the DJ is performing at a venue where you have instructed them to patch into an exsisting sound system, they are still bringinig almost the same amount of equipment, and only spending 10 - 15 minutes less of set-up and tear down time. We are one of the few DJ companies that will give you the option to book the regular rate to include us bringing speakers as backup, OR offer a discount without. If you choose not to have backup equipment, we will book the smallest rate (as number of guests does not affect us) with a  discount. But I do stress that asside from not bringing a pair of speakers, our level of service, and the support we provide is exactly the same!

Why am I being charged SOCAN Fees?

SOCAN License is a performance license under theCopyright Act and deals with functions where music is being used for any form of entertainment. This license is normally paid for by you and included in the "Hall" or "Venue" rental fee for your function.

However, some event vendors are choosing to expose this license requirement to their renters, and are asking for the fee in addition to their hall rental fee.

What does AVLA / CONNECT Licensed mean?

An AVLA / Connect Music Licensing License is a music copying license that your DJ should have if he is using any copied music compilations or hard disk computer playback system for your function.

You should ask your DJ if he has such a license and to show you this license before you decide to hire him or her.

Not ALL disc jockeys require this license but 99% of disc jockeys use self copied music compilations and as "commercial" users of music are not covered under the same laws as non-commercial users such as consumers who make copies for their own private use. 

Feedback DJs carry AVLA licenses and/or use music sources that have been legally channelled to ensure that all laws have been followed. No need to worry about your DJ being shut down during an event due to license infringement.

What is the CPDJA?

CPDJA stands for the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association. It is comprised of DJ companies that are committed to providing a much higher than average level of service to thier customers. We provide support to each other, and to the industry in the way of education and assistance, in an effort to keep the average level of service of our industry constantly higher. This only benefits our customers, and the reputation of being a Disc Jockey. I was invited to be an Advisor to the Executive of this Association based on my amount of experience, and level of experience in the field.

What does WPIC Certified mean?

"WPIC Certified Wedding Coordinators are held to higher standards then your "regular" planners.  We take this Industry seriously, so seriously that we got trained and  formally educated in Wedding Coordination." - WPIC.ca Not only are we a highly reputable DJ / Entertainment company, but the owner has taken the extra steps to be trained to Consult, Coordinate, or be your eyes and ears over your entire event to make sure everything goes to plan. To learn more please read ....

Will I get a Discount if I can get you any business?

I have a very successful program I call “Referral Rewards”. I will offer you 10% off of our services if anyone you refer before your event date books with us. I have a bride this summer getting 50% off of her wedding, because she was able to get 5 of her friends to book with Feedback Promotions!

Do you offer Advice or Suggestions for Planning?

I tell every client, that if you guests are ready to party when it comes time to open the dancefloor, it's going to make our job so much more significant! And we are always willing to help to make that happen! If we see things that can be changed to create more impact, or success, we will always let you know. To get you started, take a look at my blog "MEMOIRES OF A DJ" to give you some points to get you started!

Do you have References?

At least 85% of our business comes from "word-of-mouth" referrals! It's no greater feeling than to have someone call because they heard about us from a happy client! If you are hearing about Feedback Event Services for the first time, and would like to 'meet' some of those satisfied customers, please look at the "PICS & PROPS" page, OR the "SATISFACTION SURVEYS" page. The proof is in the pudding!

How does the Online Entertainment Planner work?

Your Onlinte Entertainment Planner is as simple as creating a profile on your favorite social network, or planning a vacation on a travel website. You will have an account that can be accessed anywhere you have internet services, and you never need to email us anything - it will notify your DJ as you make updates! It includes: Timeline Planner, Planning Forms, Music Request System, Payment Gateway, Wedding Supply store and more! We will activate your account once your deposit has been recieved.

Do I need to meet you at your office if im not from Mississauga?

Feedback Event Services is based in Mississauga. Though we have a meeting room at our Office location, our client base ranges all over Southern Ontario, and our meetings are almost always 'on the road'. To be convenient to you, we will find a location that will both save you time, and traveling. Whether at a coffee shop, a library, or your home, we would rather you be comfortable, and focused!

Will I be able to Meet my DJ?

Though most of your correspondance will be through the Online Entertainment Planner, you will also have unlimited opportunity to communicate with a consultant to create a package best suited for your needs. Once your requirements have been determined, you will be matched with our Entertainer that is the best fit for you. Your DJ will be able to communite with you by phone and email as you prepare, and will make themselves available for a final planning meeting before your event.

How Far will you Travel to a Venue?

Though based in Mississauga, we do many events outside of the GTA. We regulary work in Niagara, Collingwood, Oshawa, Kitchener, London, Muskoka, and Sudbury. Last year we did a Corporate Christmas event in Sault Ste. Marie, and another last April on a cruise ship in Barbados! As you will see on our Online Quote Generator, we do have surcharges for traveling. This has been calculated to account for gas, time, and vehicle expenses. Any event that involves more than a 2 hour drive may require accommedations for the DJ.

How much do you Charge?

I get asked that a LOT! It's like walking into a restaurant and asking "How much is an Entre?" So, to make things simple, we have basic audio packages that include all of the necessities, and are priced in tiers of 100 people to account for the size of the sound system. All of our additional services, from lighting to effects to interactive to video and so on, are added 'a la carte' - you build the package you want! Use the "QUOTE GENERATOR" to try a few different packages to see what fits your budget, and if you need help deciding which options are the best bang for the buck, just ask me at our consultation!

How can I make Payments?

Your final rate is broken down into 3 payments: 1-Your deposit will confirm our booking. 2-Your 2nd payment is 60 days before your event (your cue to start finalizing your plans). The 3rd payment is due 7 days before the event.

Feedback Event Services accepts payments by: Cheque, Cash, Online Bank Transfer, or Credit Card via PayPal (link on our website)

How can my Guests make Song Requests?

You have the option to ask for a Guest Request Service. If will give you a web-link that you can give your guests, and they will be able to create a list the same way you do. It will prioritse the songs by how many times they are requested. Both you and your DJ can monitor this list, and you can edit it as you see fit!

How can I make Song Requests?

As part of your Online Entertainment Planner, you will have an Online Song Request Service. This will allow you to brows through our core music library, and select songs for your list. You can search by Title, Artist, Genre, Year, and more! You can then list the songs as "Must Have", "If Possible", and "Do Not Play". And to make sure you picked the right song, you can even hear clips of them through iTunes, or other media programs!

How much experience do you have?

Feedback Event Service was established in 1997, and provides entertainers for over 400 events a year. Each member of the team bring their own unique experience pool to the business. The owner, Colin Raininger started working in a record store in 1994. Since then he has been in the industry as a DJ, Speaker Designer, Equipment Sales Rep, and a Sound & Lighting Technician & Installer. He recently completed his Wedding Planner Certification. Supported by a team that each carry their own niche skills, talents and styles, and with anywhere from 5 to 20+ years of experience, and at least 30 events each per year. What HAVEN'T WE DONE?!

What does my Basic Package include?

Your Basic Package includes: 1 - A Sound System to "conservatively" accomodate the rated number of guests, 2 - Microphone for Speeches, 3 - Online Entertainment Planner, 4 - Online Song Request System, 5 - Optional Online Song Request System for your Guests, 6 - Pre-booking Consultation and/or DJ Planning Meeting. 7 - Unlimited Email / Phone Consultation